Writing Contest

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World of Colorado Writing Contest

ENTRY DEADLINE January 01, 2016

Incomplete entry forms and entries received by mail or fax will not be accepted.
Submission guidelines

Entrants may submit an original poem, essay, or short story (fiction or creative non-fiction).  Entries must not exceed 1,500 words in length and must use 12 point font and be single spaced.

Only one submission per entrant is allowed.  The submitted piece must represent the original thoughts, research, and writing of the author and not be the work product in whole or in part of another individual.

Entrants will receive electronic confirmation that their materials arrived; however, because of the volume of submissions, only those selected as finalists will be informed of the contest outcome.

Please Note:  Review of entries is not intended to provide critical feedback.  All decisions of the review panel and judges are final.

Evaluation guidelines

What does a “Superior Entry” look like?

    Superior writing is creative:  Engages the reader and captures his/her attention; is emotionally compelling; contains original thoughts and ideas; and projects a sense of personal authenticity.
    Superior writing entertains and instructs:  Serves to help the reader achieve insight or enhanced understanding; contains layers of meaning; avoids didactic lessons or heavy-handed moralizing.
    Superior writing uses literary techniques effectively:  Language is fresh, vivid, interesting, and free of clichés; it contains specific details to develop images of people, places, time periods, ideas; the writing “shows” rather than “tells”.
    Superior writing is well-organized:  Writing achieves a sense of coherence; the organization may be conventional or unconventional, but it is always easy for the reader to follow and achieves a sense of unity or completeness.
    Superior writing utilizes mechanics of Standard Written English:  Correct usage in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and sentence structure.

Please be aware:

Any award that totals over $600 will be subject to an IRS 1099 form.  The recipient must provide a valid social security number.  All taxes for any award that is subject to IRS taxation will be the responsibility of the recipient.

Publication and public recognition are central to the purpose and role of the Journey into Writing contest, thus all entrants are deemed to grant consent to publication and to participation in such public recognition.