Colorado Photo Radar Tickets

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There is a Colorado law that says police have to serve the ticket within 90 days of the infraction. But it does not have to be personally served to be valid, analyst Scott Robinson said.

Below is an excerpt from the statute:

"(II) If the state, a county, a city and county, or a municipality detects any alleged violation of a municipal traffic regulation or a traffic violation under state law through the use of an automated vehicle identification system, then the state, county, city and county, or municipality shall serve the penalty assessment notice or summons and complaint for the alleged violation on the defendant no later than ninety days after the alleged violation occurred. If a penalty assessment notice or summons and complaint for a violation detected using an automated vehicle identification system is personally served, the state, a county, a city and county, or a municipality may only charge the actual costs of service of process that shall be no more than the amount usually charged for civil service of process."

All drivers who are caught by photo radar or red light camera get their citations in the mail.

The first question is whether they pay them.

Denver has four photo red light intersections and four active photo speed vans.

The intersection with the most tickets is E.6th Ave. and Lincoln Street.

From January through August of this year, Denver issued 28,526 red light citations. More than 50 percent or 14,393 of those were paid, 14,133 were not paid.

During the same period, Denver issued 110,030 photo speed tickets, 69,177 of those were paid.

Out of roughly 50,000 unpaid tickets, contractor Garza Processing Service personally served 1,330 notices.

"We would like to improve the collection rate, obviously because that means we're having successful operation," Cap. Joseph Padilla of Denver Police Department's Traffic Operations Bureau said. "It is an area of concern."

Aurora doesn't have any photo radar vans, but has ten intersections equipped with red light cameras.
The most active intersection in the city is southbound Airport Boluevard at Easy Alameda Avenue.

From January to June of this year, the city issued 19,633 tickets. Of those, 12,821 were paid.