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Advertise Here

Written by CraZyCaT. Posted in World of Colorado Main

Advertise with us! Advertise on Our Site

World of ColoradoWe are now offering advertising opportunities on our website. We have designed our website to allow for home page sponsors, which will be displayed in the right column, center, & throughout our website. Your 200x60 banner will link to your web page and put our customers in direct contact with you. Once the spots are gone, advertising with us via banners, ads, etc. . . will be unavailable until a sponsor chooses to stop advertising with us.  If you are interested, don't hesitate to Contact Us because spaces are very limited.


  • We receive an average of 456.85 visits per day.  Due to the nature of our Website, nearly all of these visitors are Colorado visitors or Colorado residents. Advertise for your Colorado products or business and be sure to reach your target market.
  • Competitive & limited pricing options.
  • Our customers often have flexible spending, making our customer base a relatively high income demographic to target your product.
  • Our site design assures your banner is seen on every page of our website. From the home page to the checkout process, our customers will see your ad.
  • Our product is bought by people who care about their cars: our association with the Colorado directed field makes us a perfect place to advertise for your Colorado related products or business.
  • Link straight to your website. Our customers become your customers.
  • Contract pricing discounts are available, please Contact Us if you would like to purchase a spot for a predetermined period of time, a super discount may apply.

We also are interested in receiving advertising opportunities or link exchange with other businesses. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss an opportunity.


    Cost: $200-600/month
    You get: 200 x  60 pixel banner shown on every page of our site
    Very Limited space are available.

Banners & Ads
$200 Ad design fee, or $100 with 6 month purchase.  Or they can supply their own using one of the sizes included.
468x60 Standard
728x90 Leaderboard
234x60 Half-Banner
392x72 Half-Banner
392x72 Banner w/NavBar
125x125 Square Button
120x240 Vertical Banner
88x31 Small Button

300x250 Medium Rectangle
240x400 Vertcal Rectangle
336x280 Large Rectangle
250x250 Square Pop-up
180x180 Rectangle
160x160 Wide Skyscraper
120x600 Skyscraper

120x90 Button1
120x60 Button2
300x600 Half Page Ad
80x15 Blog Button
Custom ?