Colorado Sports Teams

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The following is a list of the professional sports teams that have played games and been based in the state of Colorado:


    1 Baseball
        1.1 Major League Baseball
            1.1.1 National League
        1.2 Minor League Baseball
            1.2.1 American Association
            1.2.2 Pioneer League
            1.2.3 Pacific Coast League
            1.2.4 Texas-Louisiana League
            1.2.5 Western League
    2 Basketball
        2.1 American Basketball Association
        2.2 American Basketball League
        2.3 National Basketball Association
        2.4 National Women's Basketball League
        2.5 Minor League Basketball
            2.5.1 American Basketball Association
            2.5.2 International Basketball Association
            2.5.3 National Basketball Association Development League
    3 Football
        3.1 Arena Football League
        3.2 Colorado Football Conference
        3.3 Indoor Football League
        3.4 Indoor Professional Football League
        3.5 Lingerie Football League
        3.6 National Football League
        3.7 National Indoor Football League
        3.8 Professional Indoor Football League
        3.9 United Indoor Football
        3.10 United States Football League
        3.11 American Professional Football League II
    4 Hockey
        4.1 National Hockey League
        4.2 World Hockey Association
        4.3 Minor League Hockey
            4.3.1 Central Hockey League
            4.3.2 International Hockey League
            4.3.3 United States Hockey League
            4.3.4 West Coast Hockey League
            4.3.5 Western Hockey League
    5 Lacrosse
        5.1 Major League Lacrosse
        5.2 National Lacrosse League
    6 Soccer
        6.1 Major League Soccer
        6.2 North American Soccer League
        6.3 Professional Arena Soccer League
        6.4 Minor League Soccer
            6.4.1 A-League
            6.4.2 Major Soccer League

Major League Baseball

    Colorado Rockies

National League
Minor League Baseball
American Association

    Denver Zephyrs (moved to New Orleans) (also played in Western League and Pacific Coast League) (also known as Denver Bears)

Pioneer League

    Grand Junction Rockies Rookie-League for Colorado Rockies based in Grand Junction, CO

Pacific Coast League

    Colorado Springs Sky Sox AAA League for Colorado Rockies (moved from Hawaii)
    Denver Bears (also played in Western League and American Association) (also known as Denver Zephyrs) (moved to New Orleans)

Texas-Louisiana League

    Pueblo Bighorns (defunct)

Western League

    Colorado Springs Sky Sox
    Denver Bears (also played in American Association and Pacific Coast League) (also known as Denver Zephyrs)

American Basketball Association

    Denver Rockets (now playing in National Basketball Association) (also known as Denver Nuggets)
    Colorado Kings Based in Denver, CO
    Colorado Cougars Based in Greeley, CO
    Colorado Crusaders Based in Colorado Springs, CO(defunct)

American Basketball League

    Colorado Xplosion (defunct)

National Basketball Association

    Denver Nuggets (also played in American Basketball Association) (also known as Denver Rockets)

National Women's Basketball League

    Colorado Chill (defunct)

Minor League Basketball
American Basketball Association

    Colorado Storm (defunct)

International Basketball Association

    Aurora Cavalry (defunct)
    Colorado Crossover (defunct)

National Basketball Association Development League

    Colorado 14ers

Arena Football League

    Colorado Crush (inactive)
    Denver Dynamite (defunct)

Colorado Football Conference

    Colorado Cobras
    Colorado Springs Cyclones
    Denver Dynasty
    Colorado Springs Flames
    Mile High Grizzlies
    Denver Pirates
    Colorado Stealth
    Pueblo Steel
    North Metro Thunder
    Northern Colorado Wolfpack

Indoor Football League

    Colorado Ice (also played in United Indoor Football)

Indoor Professional Football League

    Rocky Mountain Thunder (defunct)

Lingerie Football League

    Denver Dream

National Football League

    Denver Broncos

National Indoor Football League

    Colorado Venom (defunct)
    Denver Aviators (defunct)

Professional Indoor Football League

    Colorado Wildcats (defunct)

United Indoor Football

    Colorado Ice (also played in Indoor Football League)

United States Football League

    Denver Gold (defunct)

American Professional Football League II

    Grand Junction Gladiators

National Hockey League

    Colorado Avalanche (moved from Quebec)

Colorado Rockies (moved to New Jersey)
World Hockey Association

    Denver Spurs (moved to Ottawa; defunct) (also played in Western Hockey League and Central Hockey League)

Minor League Hockey
Central Hockey League

    Colorado Eagles
    Colorado Flames (defunct)
    Denver Spurs (also played in Western Hockey League and World Hockey Association) (moved to Ottawa; defunct)
    Rocky Mountain Rage (defunct)
    Denver Cutthroats

International Hockey League

    Denver Grizzlies (moved to Utah)
    Denver Mavericks (moved to Minneapolis; defunct)
    Denver Rangers (moved to Phoenix; defunct) (also known as Colorado Rangers)

United States Hockey League

    Denver Falcons (defunct)

West Coast Hockey League

    Colorado Gold Kings (moved from Alaska; defunct)

Western Hockey League

    Denver Invaders (moved from Spokane) (moved to Victoria; defunct)
    Denver Spurs (also played in Central Hockey League and World Hockey Association) (moved to Ottawa; defunct)

Major League Lacrosse

    Denver Outlaws

National Lacrosse League

    Colorado Mammoth

Major League Soccer

    Colorado Rapids

North American Soccer League

    Colorado Caribous (moved to Atlanta; defunct)
    Denver Dynamos (moved to Minnesota; defunct)

Professional Arena Soccer League

    Denver Dynamite

Minor League Soccer

    Colorado Foxes (moved to San Diego; defunct)

Major Soccer League

    Denver Avalanche (defunct)